Hitting Introduction

Hitting is probably the area of the game that people take the most personal. Everyone seems to know how to hit or how to teach it and they don't like to admit that there may be more than one way to do things and more than one way to say how to do the same exact thing. I always say that my goal as an instructor is to be a hitter's second best instructor because the hitter themselves should be their best instructor. After all, they are the one's taking 100% of their swings and they need to know how to make their own adjustments from pitch to pitch during an at-bat.

The best hitting coaches earn a hitter's trust by taking the time to get to know each individual's personality rather than cramming a bunch of complicated instruction down their throats. Every hitter has their own strengths and weaknesses and everyone learns differently.

Most mechanical issues in the swing are usually caused by not getting ready to hit well or not getting to a good hitting position on time rather that the actual swing being bat itself.

Here are a Slugger's Top 10 Thoughts:

    • You CAN hit this!
    • Nice and easy.
    • Get it going early.
    • Stay tall, stay on top.
    • See it.
    • Loosie Goosie.
    • Let it get here.
    • Down through the ball.
    • Trust your swing.
    • Hustle!

Hitting Videos

Bat Behind the Back Drill

Proper Grip of the Bat

The Fence Drill

Physically Getting Ready On Deck

Mental Preparation On Deck

Bounce Drill

High Toss

Getting Ready to Hit Early Drill

Right Handed Drag Bunt

Right Handed Push Bunt

Swing at All 4 Corners on Deck

Routines in the Box Help Stike Zone Awareness

More Pre-Pitch Hitting Thoughts

Moving the Runner Over From Second

Hitting Basics

Sacrifice Bunting

Successful At-Bats Start Mentally in the Dugout

Exaggerate Staying on Top and Turning Lower Half First

Don't Think Too Much at the Plate

Inside Outside Pitch Recognition