Playing catch is by far one of the most important part of any practice but it often gets overlooked because it can be boring for the players and coaches don't monitor it closely enough. Good fundamentals should be stressed in this part of practice. If you don't set the tone here by demanding quality repetition during your warm ups, then you can't expect to just flip a switch on during the game and make good throws and catch the ball. The majority of your throws occur when you are warming up so if we aren't doing do it properly, we only encourage bad habits to get better. The worse sound in baseball or softball is the sound of a bad throw hitting the chain link fence. Do you wanna play catch or fetch? In this area of the website you will find videos that will help your players take better care of the ball which will reduce the silly mistakes that cost you ballgames.

Playing Catch Videos

2 Seam vs. 4 Seam Identification

Throwing Program Phase #1

Throwing Progream Phase #2

Throwing Program Phase #3

Throwing Program Phase #4

Throwing Program Phase #5

Help Finding 4 seam Grip Easily